Monday 10th August 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the above Council, held on Monday 10th August 2015 at Broomhall Chapel at 7.00 p.m.

Present: G. Bebbington (Chairman), R. Brassington (Vice Chairman), A.G. Lawrence (Clerk), Mrs J.R. Park, F. Wright, L. Wright, P. Griffiths, Mrs E. Hollinshead, A. Baldwin and 1 members of the public.

1. Apologies: Ruth Ruscoe, R. Blackburn, Clr R. Bailey

2. Declaration of Interest – if a member is present at a meeting of the authority, and they have a disclosable pecuniary in any matter to be considered or being considered at the meeting, they cannot take part in any discussion of the matter at the meeting or vote on it.  They should disclose the interest to the meeting and follow the Council’s Code of Conduct.

3. Minutes of last Parish Council Meeting held on 24th June 2015 were unanimously confirmed as a true and correct record on the prop., of Mrs E. Hollinshead, sec., Mrs J.R. Park

4. Matters arising from last minutes

Street Lights:  Street Lights in Newtown area.  Clerk reported:-

Clr R. Bailey is still working on the adoption of these and reports that Paul Traynor is speaking to Ian Darlington to see what can be done re the lights and will continue to report progress.

Community Speed Watch: further to previous meetings, the latest update from Mike Hartland was reported to the meeting:-

“Mike Hartland and Mrs B Park knocked on doors and distributed some flyers for CSW volunteers around Warwick Gate and Sheppenhall Lane at the Aston crossroads last week.  I have had one volunteer who lives in Warwick Gate + one other and therefore we can run the CSW scheme in Newhall. 

A notice was also included in the SADRA newsletter but no more volunteers to date. 

Re the equipment, the company that is recommended is Onsite tools Ltd.  This is where both Willaston and Church Minshull have purchased their equipment. Mr Todd of Willaston CWS has told me of a new speed gun no bigger than a mobile phone. Looking on the Onsite Tool website it is product code PR 100.  I have asked PCSO Nick Jarvis for an opinion on this product and await his reply but the product looks very user friendly. I attach a link for your info.
I have asked for a meeting with Nick just to firm up all the details on the possible expenditure and will advise you. 

It appears training is dependant on having the speed gun but I will see what comes out of the meeting with Nick. I believe this is new to him as well, as the previous police officer who dealt with CSW has retired. 


“We had the meeting with PCSO Nick Jarvis and have identified 5 sites for CSW with another 2 possible ones. These to be confirmed by Nick after a visit to them by his Sergeant.

In total there are now 10 volunteers.

Equipment required is a Bushnell Speedster 2 radar gun plus some high via vests.

Training will be done by Nick Jarvis once equipment is available.

@ £159 + VAT

@ £105.99


@ £2.69

High Viz Jackets £1.73 – £3.93 each dependent on number ordered

The Meeting unanimously agreed on the prop., G. Bebbington, sec., Mrs E. Hollinshead that the Clerk should make arrangements to purchase these.

Letter to Parish Council from meeting on 31st March 2015 from Mr & Mrs Watson

“We live at The Old Shop on Sound Heath and have done for many years. Our house is located on section of lane/track that has seen an increase in traffic volume over the years with Vehicles short-cutting the main route to the cross roads of Wrenbury Heath Road and Sound Lane. Vehicles come down this track at some speed especially from the Wrenbury direction where the track is at its narrowest. Our house and several others on this track (7 houses total) have drives onto the track which are blind and one can be confronted by a car 2 feet away at 40mph plus. When we moved here the track was full of potholes and had significantly less traffic but some years ago the track was refurbished with smooth tarmac in error. The road that should have been resurfaced is a similar stretch on the other side of the common to satisfy the needs of a wheel chair person worried about their road surface. I was going out of the Wrenbury end of our track a few years ago and just approaching the junction with the road into Wrenbury when another can turned into our track from Wrenbury at some speed, saw me and braked hard skidding to halt on Sound Common! If something isn’t done to restrict access or reduce speeds down this track sooner or later there will be a serious accident.

I can’t understand why there so much traffic travelling between Wrenbury Heath Road and Sound Lane from near Wrenbury Hall to the Farmer Arms at Ravensmoor as anyone wanting to go from around Wrenbury Hall to Ravensmoor could take the direct road that connects them!. There are relatively few properties the stretches of Wrenbury Heath Road and Sound Lane I am referring to and the prospect of people regularly travelling between properties on these two short sections of road should be minimal.

My wife checked with the Highways Agency and confirmed that this stretch of track is unadopted.  She was directed to Rachel Bailey who I spoke to yesterday. Rachel is about to have some annual leave and will not be able to attend the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday next. Rachel suggested that we should attend and raise the matter with you. As it turns out neither my wife nor I can attend on this occasion so could this be raised in our absence and we will take it up with Rachel when she returns from holiday please?

We are looking for some of traffic control or ideally close off at the Wrenbury end of the track completely. The inconvenience to drivers currently using this route is minimal resulting in maybe a few seconds extra and if travelling from Ravensmoor I would estimate the main highway would be as quick or quicker”

Clerk – reported that he has been back in touch with Cheshire East to urge a response.

Reply from Andrew Kelly MSc., Asset Technician, Network Management and Enhancement

Cheshire East Highways

“Further to our phone conversation this morning, I am certainly in a better position than we were previously when I was hoping that there might be some historical references on this road from the Parish minutes. However, as you have verbally told me that there is nothing in the Parish Council minutes I will look elsewhere. I would reiterate that these investigations do take time to complete but I make a start and keep in touch to inform you of any progress.

If you are able to ask in the neighbourhood the name of the road this would be extremely useful”.

Vacancy: meeting was informed that Mr P. Hitchen would like to be considered for the vacant seat at Coole Pilate.  Clerk to make enquires re this and report back.

5. Highway matters:

a. Loose manhole outside Sound Hall House – this is breaking up around edge and bangs every time a vehicle goes over it.

b. School Sign outside Forden, Wrenbury Heath Road is not flashing

6. Correspondence:  Noted to members for their inspection and interest as follows:-

a. Cheshire East:  none

Councillors  – none

Parishioners:- none


Clerks & Councils Direct

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner Newsletter

7. Accounts

I. Income since last meeting:– none

II. Accounts paid since last meeting – none

III. Accounts to pay at this meeting

Chq No 500133

Broomhall Chapel – Room Hire £15.00

2. Chq No 500134

Scottish Power £89.21  VAT £4.25

The above account(s) were unanimously approved for payment on the prop., of P. Griffiths, sec., R. Brassington

Annual Audit the Clerk/R.F.O. reported as per previous Minutes that the Annual Return and supporting

documentation has been returned.

The Audit have replied as follows:-

Sound & District Parish Council: – Audit for the year ended 31 March 2015

Outstanding Review Points         


I am writing in regards to the annual review of Sound & District Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2015. Please find below a list of outstanding points which I require your assistance with, to complete the annual review. 

The previous meeting felt that as the lights were specifically being purchased to then be adopted by Cheshire East Council, as per Minutes 9th December 2013 6/V, they would not be a fixed asset of the Parish Council and therefore were listed under general expenditure.  The Clerk/RFO was asked to explain this to the Auditors with copy of Minutes from 9/12/13 to explain this situation.

In light of this response the Conclusion of Audit has been received.  This has given a clean report – “on the basis of our review of the annual return, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met” – BDO LLP, Southampton

In addition and on the prop., Mrs E. Hollinshead, sec., F. Wright the meeting unanimously approved and accepted the above, and also agreed that the Notice of Conclusion of Audit/Annual return to be displayed on Notice Boards and Website.  This will state that copies of the Annual Return can be obtained by electors @ £1 per copy

8. Planning Applications:

Applications received since last meeting :-


No representation


No representation


No representation


No representation

Results of previous applications :




Applications/Planning Matters before this meeting:


This is an appeal against the refusal to this application, and to which the Parish Council objected as per previous Minutes


Barn at Oak Farm – A. Baldwin asked if there was any update on this matter with regard to permission to build.  Clerk reported that all work had stopped, Cheshire East were aware of the position but no further update has been received.

9. Sound Common Report:- reported:-

D. Lowe on behalf of SADRA has reported:-

“We would appreciate clarification on the placing of the eight huge concrete blocks on Sound Common across the access tracks. I have attached a plan showing their locations and photographs of the three sets.

They have been described locally as anti-tank defenses and are completely out of character for being placed in a Local Nature Reserve and S.S.S.I.

Furthermore they block access for Cheshire East maintenance vehicles to a gateway that CEC keep locked but use for access onto the common.

More importantly Ambulances and Fire Services would be blocked from access should they be required in an emergency within the confines of the blocks. e.g. Red Lion Farm abattoir is currently un-occupied and in a state if dis-repair. Should something happen to any workmen on site, or children that illegally enter the site ( but things happen ) the ambulance would be blocked from attending. 

Also workers and volunteers work on the common felling trees and clearing areas and anyone could easily have a serious accident requiring the emergency services.

We would appreciate your comments and what can be done to remove these eye-sores from the environment.

The Clerk has reported this to Clr Bailey and to Cheshire East Planning but has had no indication of what they might be or who has put them in place or why

Clr Bailey has received the following reply from Richard Doran on this matter:-

“With reference to the concrete blocks that have been positioned at  three locations, presumably by the current owners of Red Lion Farm.

I understand there is currently a planning application to be considered for fencing to protect the premises.

The blocks off Newtown Road/Wrenbury Heath Road, (X1) are located on land that is included in the designated Local Nature Reserve.  This location is also  part of the designated Common. They are not in the Site of Special Scientific Interest. The three blocks (2 concrete and 1 plastic container filled with earth), are located on the line of the Public Right Of Way.

At X2 the concrete blocks are not on the designated Common, not in the designated Local Nature Reserve and not in the SSSI. They are on the line of the PROW.

At X3 the situation is the same as at same as X2.  

I’m aware that Mike Taylor (Public Right of Way Manager) has been in communication with the owner of Red Lion Farm about the Public Rights of Way. There would be a question as to what constitutes an obstruction on the Public Right of Way which Mike would be best placed to deal with. Mike returns from annual leave on Tuesday.

To avoid complications, and mixed messages, can I suggest that Mike contacts the owners of the Farm on his return from annual leave?

Assets, none of the above affects the small parcel of land CEC own to the nnw of Red Lion Farm. However, someone has taken it upon themselves to exercise their horse(s) on this land. A recently installed restrictive post that was placed there by the Ranger has been sawn off.  Whoever is exercising their horse(s) is causing significant damage to CEC property”.

P. Griffiths indicated that he felt this was a temporary measure until security work has been completed to secure Red Lion Abattoir by the new owners.

10. Police Report:  reported:-

– nothing of concern from Cluster Meeting

– next meeting is October

R. Brassington raised:-

– complaint of someone shooting foxes down Brine Pitts Lane – it was felt if they were the owner or had the owner’s permission then this was not an issue

– concern over a car from Pinnacle Barn speeding daily down Coole Lane.  Mrs E. Hollinshead to report to Police representative.

11. Next Meeting: – proposed date

i. Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 6th October 2015

Meeting closed

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